Orgone Pendants


I personally feel that owning an Orgone pendant is one of the best investments you can make. When I was originally asked to create Orgone Pendants, I was a bit hesitant as I assumed that something so small really wouldn't do anything. But as it turned out they were incredibly powerful.  People told me about how they felt energized, more focused, slept better, and how negative people didn't come near them anymore. I've had many friends tell me how they felt energetic blocks being removed by these pendants and that they wear them 24/7 and only take it off to shower or bathe. What they seem to do is create a field of high frequency energy, which interacts with your energy field, raising and strengthening it. Now personally I'm not sure about wearing one all the time, as maybe our energy bodies need a chance to stretch and expand on their own. But I do realize we are constantly being bombarded by low frequencies, wifi, emf, cell phone signals, negative emotional states etc, so wearing an orgone device like this is almost a necessity these days. And for only $20, to have such a powerful tool that helps you on so many levels, I feel everyone should be wearing one. And they make an awesome and truly practical gift as well. I've added a testimonial section at the end of this page to share with you my customers experiences.

To choose the right one simply ask “which one is the right one for me” and then follow your Heart’s guidance. If your energetically sensitive just tune in to the pendants and you should be able to feel their energy.

For energy healing practitioners, you can use the pendants energy to power yourself up before a session, as well as to protect you from and clear lower frequencies from your aura. Just follow your intuition on how to use the pendant.

The pendants come mainly in the circular shape, but I also make them in jewellery style shapes as well.

The crystals I use are: clear quartz, rutilated quartz, rose quartz, blue kyanite, black kyanite, sodalite, black tourmaline, bornite, pyrite, red jasper, serpentine and hematite. I've also begun adding Shungite to all the pendants as this mineral is considered very effective for emf and radiation.

They come in the following colors: blue, green, violet, red, pink, yellow and clear.

There are 7 string colors to choose from: Blue, Green, Turquoise, Pink, Purple, Black and Yellow.  I've made the pendant strings with two slipknots so you can adjust the pendant anywhere from your throat to heart chakra.

The Orgone Pendants range from $20 to $26 Canadian with free shipping in North America, and discounted shipping overseas.


Circular Orgone Pendants



The standard circular pendants are available in  Pink, Violet, Red, Green, Clear and Blue. I found a great mold to make these in and they turned out fantastic. The colors are really rich and vibrant. They are a little under 4cm in diameter.

The price for these are $20 Canadian with free shiipping in North America.

Tasmanian Energy Vortex & 11/11 Pendants


The Tasmanian Energy Vortex & 11/11 Pendants contain a crystal that was charged in the Energy Vortex in Tasmania Australisa. It was also charged and programmed with the 11/11 download in the Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid at Giza. I have a limited quantity of these crystals so I thought I'd offer them to you as a pendant. I've shared these with friends and they are really powerful.

These pendants are $38 Canadian with free shipping in North America

Metatrons Cube Orgone Pendant


Metatrons Cube is the symbol for Archangel Metatron. His symbol is consider a Holy Glyph to ward off negative beings. Many of friends call on Archangel Metatron so I thought that putting his symbol into a pendant would allow a person to carry his energy with them throught the day.
The pendant is $26 and comes in clear, violet, blue and green.

Flower of Life Orgone Pendant


These are the Flower of LIfe Orgone Pendants. They come in Clear, Violet, Blue and Green. The price is $26 and comes with free shipping in North America.
Sri Yantra Orgone Pendant
The Sri Yantra is considered to be the most energizing and healing of all Yantras. A Yantra is a sacred geometry image that is said to draw in large amounts of cosmic energy. I liken it to a circut that divine energies run through.  The price is $26 and it comes in clear, blue, green and violet. Shipping is free in North America.
OM Pendant
The Om symbol, written in Sanskrit, is one of the most universally recognised and cherished sacred syllables. The sound is said to represent oneness with the Creator, and the merging of the physical and spiritual. It is said to be the first sound involved in the creation of the universe and represents all of creation - past present and future, Chanting Om is said to renew the body, both spiritually and physically. My hope is that by wearing this symbol you will receive it's inherent blessings and that it will help you on your journey towards greater enlightenment.
The Om Pendant is $26 and shipping is free in North America
" When my energy first interacted with this particular pendant I became immediately aware of a synergistic blending of my consciousness with the vibrating essence of this sacred symbol. I wear this pendant 24/7 as I feel that my auric field is stronger and clearer which helps my work as a psychic healer, reader and channel. I have no doubt that this protective symbol of Light and Love keeps me safe at all times."  Julia King, Vancouver B.C.
" The Om pendant is fantastic! Since wearing it,I have experienced an extra sense of grounding and protection particularly harmonizing with the earth's vibratory field. It is even more effective than anticipated in it's protective abilities when I am around the computer, t.v. and cell phones. Thank you Peter for another wonderful creation to stabilize our bodies." Suni Tafoya, Vancouver, B.C.
Solar Plexus Chakra Pendant

The Solar Plexus Chakra Pendant was originally a custom order request from a Reiki teacher. After she told me about them I thought it best to make these available to everyone. I've added sunstone, peridot, tigers eye and moonstone, as well as clear quartz, rutilated quartz, carnelion, pyrite, serpentine and bornite,  The price is $26 and comes with your choice of Yellow or Black string.

I love these yellow pendants very much. Yesterday I decided to test one on myself and the heat that came out of my solar plexus was nothing that I have ever experienced before. It was phenomenal. Highly energizing for me which means their clearing and energizing power on folks stuck in their solar plexus will work like a charm. The blue ones work really fast on the throat chakra for level one Reiki students and that has been proven over and over again on the first day of training. People have opened up in ways that even helped their tone strength felt much clearer and hoarseness disappeared. So the blue ones will remain a stapel in my training and now the yellow ones will be as well. I really appreciate your work in creating these healing tools"   Saurang McEwenLanark Ontario. Reiki Master and Teacher


Iodine Pendants


I made these pendants for myself and my friends as a way to perhaps counter the ongoing radiation situation. What I've done is put a drop of magnetically charged nascent Iodine onto a Kyanite blade, which seems to absord it really well. Then I've encased the kyanite blade in the center of the orgone pendant surrounded by the usual crystals I use. The idea is that the pendant would have the vibrational frequencies of Iodine, which is needed by the thyroid. You would Intend that your body absorb as much of this frequency as needed for your health. The orgone pendant itself seems to strengthen the auric field, so both of these I felt may be of help.  The price is $26. Please Note, These are currently unavailable.


Jewellery Style Pendants


The jewellery style Orgone pendants come in blue, green, pink, red and clear. The price is $20 each. You can choose from a number of different string colors: Blue, turquoise, green, violet, pink and clear.

Large Heart pendant


I also have available extra large red orgone hearts as pendants and as individual pieces. They are about 4 1/2 cm wide. There are three different string options, pink, violet and turquoise. I've included the standard heart pendants for contrast. These would make perfect Valentines Day gifts, or for a special occasion. The price is $20 and shipping in North America is free.

Pet Orgone Pendants


From time to time I"ve had requests for orgone pendants for a pet dog or cat. So the simplest way is by using a tiedown strap for the collar. These tie down straps come in green, blue, yellow or red. If you buy a pendant for your pet and would like one of these decorative tie downs, it is free.

What people have said about the Pendants

" My daughter and I love the orgone pendants. She hasn't been bothered by nightmares since she hung it on her bedpost. I put the pink pendant in my car. Every time I look at it I feel peaceful :) "              Terri, Nova Scotia, Canada

" The Om pendant I purchased is working really well. I think more clearly, have more energy, and just feel really good all the time! Orgone is amazing stuff, so good that I want some more." Simon, Australia

" I wanted to write to share with you how incredible my experience has been with the Metatron Pendant. The energy it emits has kept me protected and allowed me to find peace within at every moment. I have many friends who are energy workers and they are beyond impressed by it's power, and all others have been drawn into it's energy as well. I am so looking forward to the pyramid once it is ready! "Jamie, California

"Just wanted to send you a huge huge thank you for your product. I have been wearing the pendant now for a few days with the most amazing results!!! I have been able to sleep and go into situations where the energy is quite dense without being harmed or feeling uncomfortable at all. Now I feel very good about ordering a Pyramid from you and all of your other products. Blessings to your business and you. Your products have changed my experience here on earth in a wonderful positive way and now I am able to help others without energetic interference. Blessings"    Shelley, Ontario, Canada

" Dear Peter. I have received the pendants..It's lovely and the workmanship is perfect. Thank you for the lovely creations. God Bless! "   Jenny, Malaysia

" I do have to say...this pendant is powerful. I truly love it! The deep red color is beautiful. I can tell you put a lot of good energy and thought into this one."   Stacy, Missouri, USA"

" Your pendant is such a wonderful gift. I highly recommend to everyone who has an open heart and an open mind to experience the being at one with the universe. I love to wear my pendant. I feel so grounded and have such a warm peaceful energy flow. Love & Light!   Sue H., Reiki Master / Matric Energy Healing

" I wear it daily. By wearing it at night I find an enhancement of lucid dreaming and a clearing away of negative entities because your promoting a stronger chi flow....wearing it out in the daily environment, I can feel that it created a bubble of Chi around you that keeps the negative Chi away from you, like a force field, and helping to neutralize negative energies and those not conducive to your well being....I can feel it creating a positive field around me."   Marc S.,  Taoist Internal Alchemy and Vajrayana Buddhism Practioner   Vancouver, Canada

" I just bought one of your pendants and I have to say the instant I put it on I just felt like it was shifted my entire being, and I am a highly, highly sensitive being. Thank you so much."   Zale R., Reiki Practitioner   Vancouver, Canada

"As an intuitive, I am sensitive to energies. When Peter handed me the Flower of Life pendant, I instantly became aware of the consciousness of the Flower of Life symbol. It was as if the symbol was coming alive and interacting with my own consciousness. I felt the imprint of the symbol "working" on every cell within my Being and I experienced deep joy and excitement.  These Sacred geometric symbols are very powerful and when treated with reverence and respect, they become powerful tools of transformation for this new age. I believe that orgone energy supports this alchemical relationship between humans and the Divine." Julia King  Psychic/Clairvoyant/Energetic Reader and Healer.

" Hello Peter. Just wanted you to know that I received the beautiful pendant today. Such a small object with so much power!"  Randall, California

" Hi Peter. Thank you for the Tasmanian Energy Vortex Pendant. I've been wearing the pendant almost everyday since receiving it in the mail and the energy that has manifested in the span of the last 2 weeks has been quite extraordinary. I have more energy throughout the day and am able to function better and take action in a more lucid state of mind. I"m still testing and monitoring the changes that occur when I"m wearing the pendant and will let you know what has transpired."  Effy, Santa Ana, California

" I have to tell you these pendants and this plate are absolutely beautiful. I had already ordered some things from another company and they do not hold a candle to yours. I am wearing the blue pendant now and felt incredible energy as soon as I put it on. Thanks so much. These things are exceptionally beautiful." Nancy, Wyoming, USA