Orgone Charging & Clearing Plate


The Orgone Charging and Clearing Plate is a very powerful and versatile tool that you can use to enhance many areas of your life. It produces a field of high frequency Orgone Energy, which you can use to clear objects of negative energies, as well as charge them up to a higher frequency state. The original Intent behind this product was as an Energizing and Clearing plate for your food and drink. Then I showed it to a friend who does Energetic Healings, and when she placed her hands on it she was surprised how charged up they became. I shared it with other friends and everyone was shocked at how powerful it was. This plate would be of great benefit to all Energy Healers, such as Reiki Masters, Therapeutic Touch and Pranic Healers. It will help to energize your Hand Chakras before a treatment which will enhance your healing abilities, and after the treatment you can use it to help clear away any residual negative energies sticking to you from your client.

You can also use it for clearing and charging water, food, herbs and supplements. I keep one on the kitchen counter and whenever I bring groceries home I put them on the plate to clear them. With the current radiation situation, I Intend that the plate clear out/transform any of these energies as well.

Any object you have that you would like to clear and charge up, just place it on the plate. such as crystals, rings, bracelets, pendants, etc.

If you use essential oils, the plate really seems to dramatically enhance the properties of the oil. If your a massage therapist try placing the container of massage oil on the plate for five minutes. The oil will get charged with very high vibrational energy, which can then be transferred to your client.

The color of the Plate is violet and has in the center a large Double Terminated Quartz Crystal, surrounded by Blue and Black Kyanite Blades. On the outside edge is 12 clusters of crystals, each with a copper spiral underneath, directing the energy upwards. My Intent was that you could place a glass of water on a specific section of crystals to imbue it with that frequency. For example if you wanted to be more grounded, you could put the glass over the Pyrite or Obsidian crystals. It’ll also immediately charge the water with high frequency energy. You could put an entire plate of food, groceries, crystals or herbs on it, whatever you need to energetically clear and charge.

The Orgone Chargine Plate is 9 inches in diameter and about 3/4 of an inch in thickness.

The price of the Clearing & Charging Plate is $112 & currently this item comes with free shipping in North America

The Crystals used along the outer edge are: Amethyst, Sodalite, Serpentine, Bornite, Magnetite, Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Pyrite, Jade, Red Jasper, Carnelion, and Rose Quartz

What customers have said:

"In regards to how the plate was helping my healing practive, I would like to let you know that many positive events are taking place around me and my clients. I charged my massage oil on it and so far the first 4 clients have felt so blissful during their treattnent, and said it felt deep, and they experienced out of body energy during and days after their bodywork. They went into a very deep meditative state for the very first time. They felt healing, calm, happiness, joy and peace. I had them each back for further grounding so they are rooted now. I now know that I have to spend more time helping to ground my clients more than ever before when I use the orgone Charging Plate. Energizing and clearing my hands workds like a charm and it's fast too. My studio frequency is sky high with love and healing"

Saurang McEwen, Lanark, Ontario, Canada


"For several years I have been "infusing" my aromatherapy blends with the energy of crystals, colors, sound and words. This additional energy supports the intention of the blend in a very tangible way. Last month, I received the charging plate and immediately decided to use it with two blends I was creating. First, I charged the essential oils and then, after my blending process was complete, I placed the bottle on the plate for about 30 minutes. Everyone who sampled the new blends noticed the difference in energy. THey literally seemed to change the energy field around us. After this result, I have charged all my blends with the charging plate. My feeling is that the plate aligns the energy in the essential oils to their best state and then realigns the blends so that the intention is easily reached. Thank you so much for this wonderful tool for my work."

Karen Mead   Austin, Texas   A Peacful Path