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St. Germaine Violet Flame Orgone Pyramid
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St. Germaine Violet Flame Orgone Pyramid

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The Violet Flame Pyramid was created with the Intent of offering practitioners of St. Germaine’s Violet Flame Meditation a tool to enhance their spiritual practice.

The Violet Flame is made up of:
The Gold Flame of Wisdom
The Pink Flame of Divine Love
The Blue Flame of Divine Wisdom

The top is brass with a double terminated quartz at the tip

The 2nd pink layer has a large Amethyst crystal, red jasper, tigets eye, carnelion, kyanite, peridot, clear quartz and rose quartz.
The 3rd layer has black tourmaline, garnet, obsidian, hematite and pyrite.

When making this pyramid, I've placed the picture of St. Germaine on the molds, as well as writing his name on them. Then I ask him to help in the co-creation of this pyramid, to put in whatever spiritual energy/technology/knowledge he would like so as to benefit mankind.

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