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Immunity Orgone Pyramid
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Immunity Orgone Pyramid

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The Immunity Orgone Pyramid was a co-creation between my friend Julia King, who is an amazing Psychic and Channeller and myself. I shared with her an idea to put herbs into an orgone pyramid to see if the vibrations of the herbs would be magnified by the orgone matrix. She was able to channel some interesting info before and after I created the prototypes. She strongly suggested I use Black Tourmaline as the center point crystal. That worked out really well for the theme this pyramid. When I shared it with a high level Buddhist friend he had mentioned that they use Black Tourmaline to absorb/repel negative energies that malevolent entities use to cause sickness in a person.

A quarter way down from the top is where i've placed the herbs, each on its own side. They are White Sage, Siberian Ginseng, Holy Basil and Goldenseal. Orginally I had a few more herbs but Julia had channeled some info from the Devic Kingdom that there was too much overlap." ..4 directions to balance.." It was interesting to find out after the fact the herbs I was drawn to use represented the different ancient healing cultures. Siberian Ginseng for the Asian Traditional Chinese Medicin, White Sage for Native American and Holy Basil (Tulis) for East Indian Ayurvedic system.

Under that is 4 crystals that work in harmony with Black Tourmaline - Amethyst, Obsidian, Hematite and Garnet. This was suggested by Julia as a way to really magnify the power of the Tourmaline.

And finally a little below those crystals a Sri Yantra Sacred Geometry Image. The Sri Yantra is the most powerful healing Yantra.

The friends I shared the final product with all felt it was one of the most powerful pyramids I'd ever made.

There was alot of interesting information that came to Julia from the Elemental and Devic Kingdoms duriing her Channelling session with the Pyramid. I'd like to share a few quotes from the notes I took. " ..as long as humans hold this with intention and focus then their Oversouls will know what to do..". So when you interact with this Pyramid simply Intend that it will boost and heal your immune system.  She said  that people will get images and suggestions, ideas of what to do/get to help them heal. So use the Pyramid interactively.

For the herbs she felt the Oversoul of each herb coming into her field.  She was told that humanity was to relearn how to absorb the vibration of herbs just from holding them. . "...downloading the qualities of each vibration into the electric system of the body" ..." a new method of absorbing energies". Also we were to relearn the lost art of Healing Prayer,  " ...people have lost the sacred power of Prayer." "...we are here now to be of service to keep the human body from deteriorating from earth changes."


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