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Copper Frame Orgone Pyramid
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Copper Frame Orgone Pyramid

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The creation of the Copper Frame Pyramid came about after reading that pyramids gather energy along the edges, and not the facing. So I wondered if an orgone pyramid would be able to channel more energy with copper wire along all the edges. I braided two copper wires to spiral the energy and direct it upwards. After it was made I shared the prototype with my lightworker friends to get their opinion. The first impressions were that it looked amazing, and everyone confirmed that it was indeed extremely powerful, some saying the most powerful I've ever made. I then realized these would be the perfect pyramids to place in energy vortexes as it would be able to conduct more energy.

For the crystals, I placed under the apex a double terminated quartz. Under that a layer of copper and 3/4 of the way down I set up the crystals as Earth, Air, Fire, Water, based on the crystal colors. So with the Double terminted quartz representing Spirit, it a Five Element Pyramid.

For Water - kyanite and sodalite.

For Earth - black tourmaline, hematite, magnetite

For Air - clear quartz, rutilated quartz, rose quartz

For Fire - red jasper, carnelion, sunstone

Under these crystals, a bed of copper and at the bottom some titanium spirals and pyrite.



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