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Lemurian Seed Crystal Orgone Pyramid
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Lemurian Seed Crystal Orgone Pyramid

Price: $122.00

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The Lemurian Seed Crystal pyramids were created through the request of a friend who felt the world could benefit from the higher consciousness of the ancient Lemurian civilization. So the concept I'm working with is that by placing the Lemurian Seed Crystal into an Orgone pyramid, the Lemurian consciousness vibrations programmed into the crystals will be greatly magnified. And those working with these pryamids, whether alone or with a group, can attune to those frequencies and project them into the world.

Lemurian Seed crystals are considered master crystals. It's been said that they link with the Crown chakra,expand one's consciousness, and open one to the guidance of their HIgher Self and Guides. They are also said to open the heart and create deep emotional healing.

Because of how special this crystal is, I've created a double braided copper spiral, to project the energies more powerfully.

As with my other pyramids, I've included a number of crystals in the lower half of the pyramid.
These are amethyst, rose quartz, rutilated quartz, carnelion, red jasper, sodalite, kyanite, magnetite, hemative, tourmaline, peacock ore and pyrite.

The price for the Lemurian Seed Crystal pryamid is $122


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