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Grounding Orgone Pyramid
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Grounding Orgone Pyramid

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The Grounding Pyramid was designed for people who desire a really strong grounding tool. I originally created it for my lightworker friends who needed a means to ground the high frequency energies they work with.

It has a Black Kyanite Blade at the focal point. Under that is a bed of Obsidian and 4 Magnetite octahedron points on each corner. These are all very strong grounding crystals. When I first shared this pyramid with friends everyone immediately felt a "heaviness" in their legs, like they were really strongly grounded.

In addition there is a custom made Essential Oil added to the interior and exterior to help with grounding.

This Pyramid was originally called Clearing & Grounding, but too many people thought it was the only Pyramid that would clear energy, which all the other ones do as well.

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