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Blue Kyanite Orgone Pyramid
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Blue Kyanite Orgone Pyramid

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I created this Pyramid in order to harness the amazing properties of Blue Kyanite. This crystal is one of the few crystals that is self clearing, which is why I have a piece in every pyramid. Kyanite is a wonderful crystal for instantly clearing all energetic blockages. Holding it can awaken and expand your Creativity. It is also said to be very healing for mental and emotional relationships.

This Pyramid has a Blue Kyanite blade as the focal point. Under that is a bed of Lapis and blue dyed quartz, then a layer of Copper.
Under that is my usual combination of crystals: amethyst, black tourmaline, bornite, carnelion, clear quartz, garnet, jade, magnetite, peridot, red jasper, rose quartz, tigers eye.

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