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Love Soulmate Orgone Pyramid
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Love Soulmate Orgone Pyramid

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The Love Soulmate Pyramid was created with the Intent to help people open themselves to Love and to find their Soulmate.

The colors I chose for this pyramid are Pink, Green and Red.  Pink to signify Divine Love, Green for the Heart Centered Love, and Red for the Sacral Sexual Center Love. 

The Crystals used are related to all aspect of Love, from opening our Heart to the energies of Love, attracting Love, to clearing away past attachments, and dissolving blockages to Love.  Each Pyramid contains a special Essential Oil blend made specifically to magnify the potency of this Pyramid.

Special Crystals used:
Top: Twin Double Terminated Quartz, considered the Soulmate Crystal.
Beneath that is a bed of Rose Quartz/
Middle: Large piece of Rose Quartz, kunzite, Rhodonite, Jade, Garnet, Kyanite
Green Aventurine
Bottom: Pyrite, Moonstone, Bloodstone, Rainbow Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Red Jasper

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